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What's this I keep hearing about "wow your art really improved"? What mockery be this? 

7 deviants said Be no mockery! Ye hath improved quite spectacularly! (Yeah it's better)
1 deviant said ...... Me no speak americano.....
No deviants said Indeed, we jest! Ye be no greater nor worse than before, ye buffoon! (No change)
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John D.
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Such a lovely little planet we all enjoy.
Well, I've been tagged once again by this little fruit tart ->:icondoodling-wallflower:, and now I gotta do a meme...
Rules are you choose 8 of your OC's (or other's OC's if they give you permission) and number them. Then you answer said questions with these numbered OC's acting out the situations at hand.
So, here's my victims:
1. Phantom King (because he's one of the few ACTUAL CHARACTERS I have)
2. Exp. #768 (The Ashen Horror)
Exp. #387 (Gula)
4. Exp. #999 (Thresher)
5. Exp. #443 (The Fisherman)
6. Miasma
7. The Lord of The Pit
8. The Sea Tyrant

Let's begin, shall we?

1.) 1 and 3 are set up on a blind date, courtesy of 4. Why did 4 set up the date? Where do 1 and 3 go? What happens? 
PK: ...
Gula: *devouring trays of food, not stopping even to breathe*
PK: *turns to Thresher* Why??? Why him?
Thresher: .... It... amuses me......
PK: ... You slimy reptile...
Thresher: *snarl*

2.) 5 and 6 decide to spend the day at the city zoo! What happens?
Fisherman: *standing in the lion's den*
Lion: *roar*
Lion: *turns completely white, runs with it's tail between it's legs...
Fisherman: Heh... B****....
Miasma: *standing in front of the bird exhibit, doing nothing. People around him are dropping like flies, choking on his poisoned fumes. The birds in the exhibit are all dead on the floor.*

3.) 4 decides to take 5, 7, and 8 drinking! What goes on?
Thresher: *munching on the carcass of one of the waiters* ... Delicious.....
LoTP: Ughhh... You can stand the taste of humans? They're so horrible for your digestion.... *takes a swig of sake* .... *looks at Tyrant* Why are you looking at us like that?
Tyrant: ..... Yyyooouuuuu..... Aaaarrreee.... IIinnnnnssssiiiggggnnnniiffffiiicaaaannnttt....... 
LoTP: ...... Why did I agree to this? I'm one of the few things that Crazy made THAT CAN ACTUALLY TALK! WHY GODS, WHY?!
Fisherman: *stone cold drunk*

4. 8 locks up 1 and 2 in a closet. What happens? How do they get out?
Tyrant: *tail slams a door closed, accidentally locking it. PK and Ashen Horror were behind that door by chance, so now they're locked inside.*
PK: ... NO NO NO NO NO NO *banging on the door, clawing at it* LET ME OUT LET ME OUT PLEASE CRAZY GET ME OUTTA HERE PLE- *looks behind him* Please don't harm me...
Horror: .... No.... Like... Dark.... *rattling...*
PK: Oh god n-
Horror: *grabs PK's head* NO.... LIKE... DARK!!! *slams PK's head through the door, shattering the door open*
PK: .... Thanks........

5.) 7 has kidnapped 2 and sent 4 a ransom note! What did the note say? What is 4's reaction? 
Thresher: ...... He's made a mistake...
Horror: ..... No... Like... Bugs...
Horror: NO... LIKE... BUG!!! *seismic tosses the Lord of The Pit through the wall and back into his pit*

8.) Pop quiz! This is an all-round subject test (everything is covered!). Who has the best score? The worst?
PK has the best score, while The Fisherman has the worst. Miasma's pen rotted away. The rest of them ate the test. Tyrant didn't even notice it...

9.) If 3 could spend a day with any living person, who would it be?
Gula: *wishes for a bodybuilder*
Bodybuilder: *pops out of nowhere* .. *screams and tries to run*
Gula: *eats the bodybuilder* .... *burp*

10.) 1, 3, 4, and 7 go through a time machine. Where do they end up? What do they do? Do they alter time in any way?
*meanwhile in the renaissance...*
PK: *just walking nonchalantly through the streets of renaissance England* I wonder how much a ride to Arabia would be...
Gula, Thresher: *devouring every human they see*

11.) Whee! Now, who doesn't love crack pairings? Give us four different crack pairings using the 8 people you choose for this meme! each person can only be used once, so spread the love!
Do I gotta? *producers off screen nod solemnly*
*sigh*.... F***
PK: *looking at Miasma* Why the poison demon?
Miasma: You're the only one who won't choke on my fumes.
PK: Good point.

Gula: *panting like a puppy, hungry*
Horror: .... You... Cute....
Gula: *licks Horror's hand, gags*
Horror: .....

Thresher: ..... You are ugly....
Thresher: *growl*

Tyrant: *don't even see Fisherman*
Fisherman: ..... Welp, I've had worse...

12.) Taco time! Everybody, quick! Take a taco! But wait! There are only 7 tacos! Someone will have to miss out on a taco! What happens?
Gula: *eats all the tacos*
PK: ..... I can live with that...
*the rest agree, except the Tyrant don't even notice what's goin on...*

13.) 1, 5, and 6 go to a gelato (Italian ice cream) shop! What's going on?
PK, Fisherman and Miasma all walk in. All the workers and patrons run out, screaming.
PK: ... Free Ice cream...
Fisherman: That's the one benefit of being monsters...
Miasma: .... Yeah.....
PK, Miasma, Fisherman: .... It still hurts tho......

14.) Oh noes!!! 2 comes up from nowhere with a weapon! What weapon does he/she have and what is he/she demanding from the group? 
Horror: ........ Found.... Weapon.... *is holding a street lamp that was ripped from the ground*
PK: .... Gentlemen, any thoughts?
*the rest of them seem uninterested*
Horror: ....... *drops weapon* .... No..... Fun....

15.) So, now that that's over... why don't you tell us who everyone has a crush on? Does their crush know and/or return these feelings?
PK's married to a storm elemental named Storm Queen (SQ for short). By chance they were both husband and wife in life, and have reunited in death.
The rest of them don't feel love... Oh, except for Lord of The Pit who is married to a tiny centipede... You tell me how that works...

16.) 2 and 3 decide to play some board games. What do they play? How does the game turn out?
*Horror just looks at all the board game choices and throws each one of them at Gula, who eats them as they are thrown at him*

17.) While everyone is at 1's house, the weather turns from a bright sunny day into a horrible thunderstorm! Everyone decides to stay, and are going to past the time playing Uno. How does the game go? Who is the winner?
*PK is playing Uno with Horror, Lord of The Pit, and Miasma. The rest of them just don't care....*
Miasma: ..... *doesn't care*....
Horror: ...... Fun......

18.) How would 4 react if they woke up on a deserted island? Would they survive?
Thresher: *wakes up on an island, merely goes into the water and swims to the nearest beach, where he eats the population*

19.) Prom time! Everybody is going to prom (no exceptions!) What does everyone wear? Who's going with who? 
*they're unable to wear normal clothes, so they just go as is. They all show up solo and begin to trash the place.*
20.) If everyone could have one wish, what would each person wish for?
PK: The restoration of my kingdom and my family!
Horror: ..... Friend.........
Gula: *begging for more meat*
Thresher: .... Death....... To all.......
Fisherman: I want my damn body back.
Miasma: .... Nothing....
Tyrant: .... Iiii.... Wwwaaaaannntttt tttooo sssseeee mmmyyyyy fffaaaatttthhheeerrrrr aaaagggaaaaaiiinnnnn.......

21.) Does 6 have any secrets? What are they?
Miasma: .... You shall never know..... *sprays you with diseased breath*

22.) 7 and 8 wind up in jail. How did this happen? What is their sentence? Do they attempt a jail break?
Tyrant: *just busts out and goes away*
LoTP: ..... Well that certainly was quick....

23.) 2 and 5 go to a carnival. What do they do? 
Fisherman: *eating popcorn, watching Horror as he rips apart the Ferris wheel* Damn good entertainment...

24.) 1 suggested that everyone go on a camping trip together! Everyone agrees, and they soon set out. Where do they go camping? What happens? Does it end well or in disaster? 
PK; *left halfway through because he got a call from his wife asking for sex*
*the rest just left*

25.) Last Question! What is everyone doing right now?
PK: *knocks on Romo's door, the rest of them standing behind him*

1, 3, 4, and 8 each get to tag one person to do this meme! who do they tag?
PK: I don't want to.
Gula: *busy munching on a bone*
Thresher: ... I don't care......
Tyrant: *can't even be bothered*

I hope I appeased you, you fruitcake! X}

  • Listening to: the bellowing sounds of a blue whale
  • Reading: Im blind tho
  • Watching: A raging Mongol playing CoD (hes a camper)
  • Playing: with the hearts of dead romans
  • Eating: iron bullets (crunchy...)
  • Drinking: the blood of dead brits (tastes like snapple...)


Ironheart, The Living Forge
"... If you've studied your star charts, you've probably heard of that planet... You know... THAT planet.... Axelrun... The Warring Planet... The land of monsters and warmongers alike. A place where a war crime would be considered a daily occurrence if there were any citizens to terrorize. A land where the air burns to inhale, all mixed in smoke, gunpowder, and dried blood and dust... If you somehow end up on this planet, you may as well slit your own throat, lest you get eradicated even more painfully... One of the demons that inhabit that planet is... Terrifying to say the absolute least... Ironheart.... A beast made of molten rock and hardened iron. The spikes jutting from his back are made of pure steel. Hell, his blood IS molten steel. That monster goes around, devouring any metal he can get his mouth on. Tanks, choppers, hell I've seen him eat a nuclear missile in one bite... One way of knowing where he is is holding out a magnet. No matter how strong your grip is, that sucker will go flying towards Ironheart if he's in a mile radius. You may think that he's harmless to humans, and that he's just interested in the metal. Well, you can go up to him and hug him if you want, but you better be wearing a f****ng lead-lined hazmat suit. His body is full to the brim with radioactive materials. Just stepping within a quarter mile of him would make your hair fall out and your eyes melt in your skull. Funny thing being that he's known to try and avoid stepping on human corpses, even though his mere presence creates them. Now, if that doesn't scare you from going to that hell of a planet, I don't know what will..."
- Ex-Corporal Gunther T. Vihdall, "My 10 Year Hell on Axelrun"

Ironheart - me
the pain when your favorite stream is on and the owner banned you from the chat and wont tell you when you're gonna be unbanned.
those nights when you dream up a completely new anime involving lesbian hula girls having to go through 3 trials so that they may be married, and the 1st one being having to eat sand so they can find a tiny menorah tiki torch....

...I should undersleep more often! that was fun! X}
I just got back from the eye doctor. apparently one of the oil producing glands in my eyelid got clogged, and it was swelling my eyelid with oil. 'pparently it happened at random, so yay, i didn't do it! X}
Look at me! i got a f****ng eye infection! And it hurts like hell! X}
Here's a tip! Never rub your eye to the point where it's red and sore!


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